Social responsibility

Dedar has embarked on a virtuous long-term path to identify concrete actions through which it can contribute to a better future from an environmental, economic, and social point of view. The company commitment to sustainable development is rooted in the desire to produce beauty and well-being for the community. For this reason, in 2019, Dedar drafted the first Sustainability Report, according to the international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology, enabling the company to transparently report corporate impacts in the environmental, social and economic fields, as well as to introduce its action areas and objectives for a sustainable development. Dedar has also drawn up and applies the corporate Code of Ethics as being deeply convinced that there can be no sustainable growth and development in the long term without the integration of the ethical principles of honesty, reliability, respect, fairness and transparency within the business. The Code of Ethics translates these principles into rules of conduct to guide the actions of all those who daily contribute to achieving the corporate mission.